By Charlotte Gower; Artist & Designer

Charlotte Gower is the artist and designer at Pipit, where functionality and art intertwine seamlessly. Born amidst the picturesque landscapes of Holmfirth, Charlotte's artistic journey meandered from Yorkshire to the vibrant art scene of Cardiff, culminating in her attainment of a Fine Art degree. Following a decade of artistic exploration in Wales, she returned to her Yorkshire roots.
Pipit thrives on the synergy between art and design, at the heart of our philosophy lies Charlotte's art-centric design approach. Each idea germinates from her artistic expressions, blossoming into captivating works that shape our offerings.
Our chosen media, ceramics and textiles, act as both conduit and canvas for Charlotte's creative ideas. Ceramic planters and stylish coffee cups with unique patinas, and compelling art pieces, textiles evolve into exquisite wall hangings, plant hangers that elevate greenery into elegance, and necklaces that epitomise wearable art. However, Pipit's allure transcends mere products; it beckons you to experience life through an artistic lens. It's about discovering beauty in utility, seamlessly weaving the functional with the aesthetic.
Wander through our gallery, where art isn't just observed, but embraced in every facet of life.


Sustainability is at our core. We only use recycled cotton cord from a British factory, where they infuse new life into discarded materials. Our studio runs on green energy, a testament to our commitment to responsible practices. Wooden elements find their place in our creations, either through recycling or sourcing from sustainable forests, showcasing our dedication to preserving nature's beauty.


Curated By Anna, Slaithwaite Yorkshire / Plants In The Holme, Holmfirth Yorkshire / Unity Yard, Holmfirth Yorkshire / All Good Stuff, Sheffield